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Premium range of malted ingredients

Powells has developed a premium range of malted ingredients specifically for incorporation into food and baked goods. 

Powells products deliver:

  • Flavour
  • Function
  • Colour
  • Goodness

At Powells, all-natural processes are embraced to develop a wide range of flavours, colours and functions in whole grains, while preserving and enhancing their original wholesome goodness. The result? A range of all-natural value added grain ingredients solving flavour, colour, texture and processing challenges in food and beverage products.


Malted Wheat Flour - fine flour with medium to high diastatic activity.  Enhances crust colour and crumb texture.

Carawheat Flour - a light brown flour with minimal diastatic activity.  Adds malty flavour, improves crust colour, and provides natural fibre and texture.

Malted Triticale - Wholegrain or Flour - provides a malted rye aroma together with natural fibre and texture.

Malted Wheat Flakes - contribute a characteristic malty flavour together with natural fibre and texture. Powells produces a range of Malted Wheat Flakes providing differing levels of flavour and colour.

Light – colour 5-10 ebc

Medium – colour 10-20 ebc

Dark – colour 30-50 ebc


Malt Flours are packed in 15kg multi-wall paper sacks.

Malt Flakes are packed in 25kg multi-wall paper sacks or 850kg bulka bags.

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